Dale’s Disposal

Dale’s Disposal provides full service, 14-day, dumpster rentals to the tri-county area of Macomb, Oakland & Wayne Counties.


  1. Enter your zip code. Ensure we service your area.
  2. Select your size.  There are many tips and suggestions on our website to help you decide.
  3. Select material type. Pricing and disposal need vary depending on the materials placed in the container.
  4. Chose delivery/pickup dates.
  5. Agree to terms and conditions.
  6. Enter your contact information. Always include a contact number that will be available on your scheduled delivery day
  7. Give specific placement instructions for your container to avoid any miscommunication or unnecessary additional fees.
  8. Enter your payment information
  9. Confirm all information is correct
  10. Submit order
  11. Receive order confirmation
  12. Prepare your location for dumpsters arrival on selected date. Make sure area is clear of vehicles and any other obstructions.
  13. Fill your dumpster. Ensure your container remains level with no debris sticking out of the top or sides of the container. Additional charges could incur if your container is overloaded and unable to be hauled.
  14. If your container is ready before the scheduled pickup date, please call the office to schedule an early pickup